Tomas van Stee

Tomas van Stee

Expert on Energy Management & Demand Response Initiatives

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Tomas is a Canadian energy and economic policy commentator and the founder of EnPowered, an innovative energy management company.


Tomas van Stee is an active commentator on energy deregulation and economic policy decisions in the Ontario and Ohio energy markets. During the highly politicized debate over the Fair Hydro Plan passed by the Ontario Liberal Party in 2017, Tomas spoke at a number of engagements and appeared on numerous talk shows, including 570 News.

His work in the energy industry has been covered by mainstream news outlets such as The Toronto Star and The Ottawa Citizen. In addition, Tomas’s work has been published directly by Global Risk Insights amidst a variety of other publications.

Tomas van Stee is also the founder of the energy company EnPowered, which is based in Canada’s premier tech ecosystem in Waterloo, Ontario. He has guided the company on its mission to help its customers take charge of their energy usage and costs, regardless of whether they are single homeowners joined in a buying group or Fortune 500 companies.

Under his guidance, the goal of EnPowered has always been to use cutting-edge technologies to ensure that the energy system works for all of its participants. Tomas van Stee is allowing consumers to directly influence the supply of electricity in their local grid by empowering them in their selection of electricity suppliers. In addition, Tomas van Stee's expertise has allowed him to help individual businesses save up to 70% of their electricity costs by advising them to change their electricity usage in real-time to avoid spikes in electricity prices.

Since he founded the company in 2015, EnPowered has become a market disruptor that has consistently stayed at the very forefront of the development of new technologies. This has been acknowledged by both local and federal energy regulators, leading EnPowered to become fully licensed in the Ontario and Ohio electricity markets. This includes receiving licenses and membership access to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the PJM Interconnection, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, the Ontario Energy Board, and over two dozen different utilities.

Finally, Tomas has become a renowned leader in guiding large industrial consumers through the many complexities of the Class A Global Adjustment Program, also known as the Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI). By providing models that are able to predict the energy market over 50% more accurately than the IESO, Tomas has been able to help businesses save millions of dollars each year in electricity costs.




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Tomas van Stee

Founder, EnPowered